“How to make the best out of a very small washroom?” this was a very challenging project as we had to accommodate a lot of requirements in a small square footage. In other words, space planning phase was the biggest challenge, as the client was keen on having an accessible stand up shower, a free standing TUB, and a big enough vanity storage to fit all. In a 24 Sq Ft washroom this seem to be impossible to achieve, but our experienced team at Suzinteriors was able to come up with a great open concept solution that implemented all prerequisites. The job took a little bit longer than expected due to some site constrains: Hidden elements behind walls, skylight location & window location, however, we got it all figured out nicely. Our team of designers & contractors was able to fit in an accessible shower, a 4.8′ Tub, standard toilet and a vanity with lots of shelving. We were also able to deliver a contemporary classic style that blends in nicely with the exterior of the house and the rest of the interior spaces. The client was amazed with the amount of work that we had to put in such a small space, but she’s in love with her new washroom & now she can have her disabled kid use it without having to worry about accessibility.