How to Have a Nice Looking Interior After Your Move
November 26, 2018

How to Have a Nice Looking Interior After Your Move

Moving will demand time and effort from you. You’ll also have to think about where you can find reliable movers for hire, how to ask permission from your boss about your move and how you can possibly take care of your children during the move. Plus, you’ll have to accomplish several tasks months before the actual move, and once you arrive in the new home, you’ll still have to think about unpacking and re-arranging all of your valuables. But to make things worse, your tasks don’t end there – you still have to ensure that you actually have a nice-looking interior after your move. Living in a cluttered home is the last thing you want to think about after moving.

Most often than not, homeowners wouldn’t prioritize decorating their home after a move for a number of reasons. They might be too tired from the move that they don’t have any interest or energy to do it or they simply don’t have any idea on how to decorate their home. You shouldn’t let these notions stop you from having a nice-looking home after your move. In fact, decorating your new home should be included in your to-do list as this can be an excellent avenue to relieve stress. Here are some tips to help you have a nice-looking home after your move:

1. Paint small rooms with softer or lighter colors: Ones of the reasons why many homeowners disregard the importance of interior decorating is because they have limited space. They think that since their homes aren’t spacious enough, any decorating strategies won’t be maximized. This is a misconception. If you have problems with the availability of space in your new home, opt to paint these in soft or light colors. You can start looking into pastel or nude colors as your options. Painting a small room with these colors don’t only improve its aesthetic value, but these can also make the room look bigger.

2. Use decorative mirrors: Every home, regardless of its size and value, needs a mirror. And although uncommon to some, mirrors can be one of your greatest allies if you want to create larger space from a small room. If you think your living area is cramped, for example, you can place mirrors directly across the windows to let the light reflect the home. When this happens, the light can create an illusion of space to your originally small room.

If you’re not fond of using plain and boring mirrors, scout for decorative one. Depending on your style and preference, there are a wide variety of mirrors to choose from. You can use ones which complement or contrast your home’s interior ambiance or theme.

3. Mix it up: Homes which only uses one paint color all throughout is the thing of the past. Today, you can now mix up different hues, textures, and decors in your home without fear of judgment. If you have been keeping a family heirloom for decades, go ahead and display this in your living area. If you’re fond of collecting life-size vases, place these in different areas in your home. These pieces might clash with your home’s designs or architecture, but if you think about it, these can be your accent pieces!
















When transporting valuables for the move (especially breakables), pay attention to the mover you’re going to hire. If you’re moving from New York, only work with Movers from NYC who are trained and experienced in handling and transporting your valuables. They should ensure that these will be in good condition the moment it arrives in your new home.

 4. Use what you already have to decorate: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank in order to have a well-decorated home. With creativity and resourcefulness, you can still get the job done. If you realize that you have too brought too many plates, use some of these as wall art in your living area or dining room. If your light bulbs are no longer functioning, use them as alternatives for your pots and hang them in your garden. All of these decorating hacks will not only help you save money but put what you thought were unusable items into good use. It’s basically a win-win for you!


It’s Easy When You Know How

There are actually a lot of interior decorating ideas which you can copy after your move. While some of these ideas require an expensive budget, some are affordable and doesn’t need too many purchases. You can basically use the decors you had from your previous home, add in your personal touch and watch how these can transform your new home. Regardless of the interior decorating ideas, you choose to use, make sure that these will highlight your personality and style. Happy Moving!


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Dianne Abonita



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How to Have a Nice Looking Interior After Your Move

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