September 18, 2018

How to use ‘2019 color of the year’ in your interiors

Goodbye ‘Ultra Violet’ and welcome ‘night watch by Pittsburgh’, ‘blue print by Behr’ and ‘cavern clay by sherwin williams’. A beautiful combination of colors coming our way for next year, all color selections are dictating raw, natural and earthy colors. I see those colors as a representation of forests, deep deserts and the sea surface. I like how earthy they are, but given the fact that those colors are rich & less to no timeless, I wouldn’t use them just anywhere or for anything in my interiors.

Be mindful when you decide to apply one of those colors on your walls, as they will run out of style sooner than you think. However, you can always explore using them in a very timeless, unique & cool way whether on the walls or in the interior accents & furniture pieces.

I’ve created this Post to help inspire you on how to use those colors separately or combined. So, here are 2-3 ways on how you can use each color:

nighty watch’

  1. I am envisioning lots of green furniture and accents on a white canvas space for this color.
  2. I’d also use this one on an accent wall in the space combined with gold or black metals such as the second image below
  3. A beautiful deep green drape with some accent complementary greens in a space such as the rug, headboard and plants can give a rich look to a white, black and natural wood space design. Such as the last photo in the green sequence below

Timber Trails

La Roch Hotel

‘Blue Print’

This is more of a beach house color,

  1. I would use it on one accent wall that is complemented with white or grey adjacent walls
  2. You can also explore using it on the ceiling as a cool accent such as the first image below
  3. Applying this color on a half wall of tiles or wall paneling, such as the second image below is a very chic and timeless approach as well

Muro Rojo Arquitectura




















Cavern Clay’

  1. Remember the days when they used to do all beige, there were also days where they used to do all terracotta on all walls, it felt like a cave, not to underestimate the beauty of this color, but I wouldn’t use this one on the wall, except if it’s combined with another color in a modern way, here is an example of how it can be used on the walls (first image to the left)
  2. I’d rather use this color on accents and furniture pieces. I am envisioning a grey sofa with clay cushions, white throw with graige walls and some natural wood accents. Such as the examples  of the second & third photo below

‘All Three Combined ‘

But instead of using each color separately I am also envisioning using all 3 in the same space on a very delicate, soft and warm application. Such as adding  chairs in the green velvet, facing clay upholstered fabric sofas or velvet drapes. Accenting everything with blue cushions or a throw will give life and balance to the combination. I’ve found an example that best represents this mix in the Villa Soho Hotel in Spain, you can see it here below:

Villa Soho Hotel

Let us know your opinion on using these colors in the comment section below.  Contact us today or subscribe to our mailing list for more & last but not least, check back soon to get our 2019 color of the year mood boards, coming up next.

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How to use ‘2019 color of the year’ in your interiors

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