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Suzinteriors design group is a multidisciplinary, full service interior design firm based in Windsor, ON, Canada. As one of Ontario’s most successful interior design studios, we specialize in newly built & renovated residential and commercial interiors. With over 5 years of commitment to design excellence, Suzinteriors excels in creating interiors that adds value to your home, increases your business bottom line, and draws customers into your store while promoting health and well-being. Our mission is to provide exclusive packages that are cost effective and uniquely catered to your business brand or home lifestyle. At Suzinteriors we listen, research, create and ultimately implement an innovative plan strategy that meets client’s budget, deadline and intent. We believe in being accountable for the community, so we value sustainability (LEED), habitat for humanity, universal design & building code regulations. Our history, expertise and customer based core values, are all reasons behind our continuous success in creating multiple contemporary projects that stand the test of time.

In addition to the traditional full-service interior design, we are launching ‘E-Suzinteriors’ to make our interior design style accessible for a wider audience. We believe that everyone should be able to afford a professional interior designer advice. Unfortunately, more than often, we get traditional leads requesting quotations, but never go through to book with us due to their budget, timeframe or location. In that sense, we continuously work on expanding our global mission to provide online design services for those with low budget, for those who live outside our service area, or who are on a busy schedule. Soon, Suzinteriors will overcome those barriers, to better serve & deliver your dream project at a click of a finger tip.

Visit our E-Interior Design page for more information.

Suzinteriors Studio was founded by Suzan Mraiheen in 2011. Suzan Mraiheen is the principal designer & director who has been in the interior design industry since 2007. Suzan graduated with honors from the BAA – Bachelor of Applied Arts (Interior Design) with a certificate in minor design management. Suzan has achieved an intensive commercial and residential experience within the past 5 years. She dedicated herself to learn it all, from building a full home to creating an elegant decor setting to managing multiple projects with different teams. Suzan has always been so fond by design; she derives her joy and happiness by creating livable spaces, and solving client problems. She is a dynamic team leader and a leading project manager who believes that in the pursuit of excellence one must consider values & ethics involved within the process of design. Guided by her passion Suzan believes in creating a better world by design. She focuses her energy and efforts to deliver spaces that are environmentally, physically, psychologically and economically friendly. Today, gladly and luckily Suzan is incorporating her passion into her work from developing an interior design firm, to launching an online service, to blogging all about design ideas.

Teamwork is key to success. Suzan leads a team of trained designers, reliable contractors, & CAD technicians to convey a level of professionalism and creativity that exceeds client’s expectations. In addition, being a full service interior design firm, we ought to sub-contract work with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, technicians, general contractors, millwork builders, and suppliers to deliver a full shop stop service and ensure the flow of design objective between different teams.

Suzan also works hand in hand with a local artist “Sawsan Shorbajee” who is dedicated to customize paintings created “Just for you” to suit the space design in size, theme, color and aesthetics. Sawsan Shorbajee works with us throughout the entire process of Art selection or customization to guarantee satisfaction and perfection in the final touches to the artistic interior space. Visit our Product – art page for more information.

“Only with open minds combined we can truly appreciate design, and go beyond expectations”

Suzan Mraiheen

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Suzan Mraiheen. Suzan is the most honest and hardworking interior architect that I ever worked with. I highly recommend her talents. We worked on several projects together as I was renovating my house from top to bottom and she has the wonderful ability to understand the goals and expectations of her clients and deliver a product which is unique to each individual. She was very professional and pays attention to detail. She worked with me on a major bathroom renovation, in which she takes the time to sketch out her vision and transform it into a reality. She helped me choose the color scheme and avoid making any mistakes when picking out the right materials from the most durable tile to use to the best plumbing fixtures. She has a positive attitude with all the tools of knowledge and experience, making her a pleasure to work with”
-Dr. Nadia Al-Aasm, D.D.S

“I had Suzan design a laundry room for me. We had gone over the basic ideas and some of my requirements. The final design was exactly what I had envisioned. Suzan presented a very detailed plan for our future laundry room. The plan was very detailed and she had suggested ideas that I did not think about. She is very pleasant and works in a timely manner. I highly recommend Suzan’s design services for your design needs.”
-Anne Dennahower

“I have a very hard taste; I struggle whenever I am selecting material or a piece of furniture. It takes me a long time to make a design decision, and I am always hesitant to implement it. Therefore, I hired Suzinteriors to help me through my condo renovations. The renovation job was very challenging due to the small condo space & the open concept. I asked her for modern and spacious concept, clean and crisp design, functional and easy to circulate home. When Suzan came into the job, she took the lead; she patiently listened and understood my lifestyle. Suzan helped me narrow down my ideas, and make decisions. She was very patient and creative through the whole process. She has gone above and beyond to bring our vision to life. We absolutely recommend Suzinteriors for your next project.”
-Sanaa Abu Zahra