8 Tips to make your Rental feel like Home
September 11, 2018

It might be tricky and hard to design a rental that feels like home, especially when your landlord is giving you an endless list of not to do’s in the space. But I’ve came up with simple tips that could help you through this process and maybe makes your rental experience a little more welcoming.

1. Tilt, Lean and free standing furniture

In this rental we were aiming for height and warmth yet cleanness, the 3 mirrors not only did add height to the space, but also interest and light. Those were free standing and leaning on the wall. We had a thick headboard shelf with a trim so we were able to leave those free standing safely.

When adding items that are leaning, or tilting assure safety of using those items. Stay away from glass, mirror or unsafe items that might fall, but you can always opt for canvases or free standing lanterns, planters…etc.

2. Use height to make the space look bigger & to fill the rooms with character

Commonly, people tend to think of their space in a horizontal way but rarely in a vertical way. Do not forget to fill your space vertically, use the height of those walls to fill the space and make it feel complete.

  • Floor to ceiling drapes

Hotels use this trick all the time to make their tiny rooms look bigger, warmer and more inviting. You can create the same feel by adding drapes that extend wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

  • Tall Planters or floor lamps can also add interest and fill in the height of the space.
  • Gallery walls – if you are allowed to hang on the walls

Gallery walls if installed right can make the space feel bigger and add interest to your walls – opt for personal photos, art or quotes that will add a homey statement.

3. Dress your windows up

More often than not rental windows are bare or dressed with a very old roller blind. Don’t underestimate the effect of warming up the space with fabric, sheer, or velvet window treatment. Window treatment give an edge of softness and elegance to the space. Consider using Printed drapes to add interest and wallpaper feel especially when you go wall to wall with your drapes.

4. Use greenery to add color, life and bring the outside in.

Not owning the place doesn’t mean you can’t have your own garden. Look for indoor gardening ideas or balcony gardening and create your own portable garden. This will not only add a personal character to the space it will also give it life, warmth and liveliness. In addition to the aesthetics, indoor plants are proven to improve the air quality and reduce stress levels.

5. Hang a statement light

  • Replacing existing light fixtures

More often than not we stay away from replacing existing light fixtures. Well its easier than it seems, any electrician can do it for a small fee, but it’s worth the change as it creates a huge instant impact.

  • Adding wall sconces

You can always opt for wall mounted, plug in fixtures instead of hard wired fixtures, those will give you the look yet respect your rental rules.

  • Table lamps and floor lamps

Ambiance light plays a big role in making your house feel like home. One of the main tricks I go for is table lamps, not only do they complete the look of the space, but they also warm up the space & give it a romantic atmosphere.


6. Spoil your feet

Warm up the space and define it by using rugs and runners. Those will not only create comfort under your feet but they will also make your rental feel like home with it’s warm, welcoming and unique flooring characters.

In carpeted rentals do not hesitate to place a rug over your carpet, it might sound odd to many of you, but believe me it makes a huge difference in defining your space and surrounding your furniture with soft edges that warm up the areas of your home.

7. Add accessories

I am sure you’ve heard the saying “Less is more” well in a rental home I opt for “More is more” as the more layers and items you add to the space the homier it feels. Do not clutter the space with items but fill your sofas with cushions and throws, add decor to the tables, fill corners with vases and unique sculptures, all of those items will make the room feel whole and will make you feel more at home.

8. Aroma

I cannot insist enough that on every post I do mention the Aroma as a point. A home is not a home if you do not add a beautiful scent to it. I’d invest in a beautifully designed high quality diffuser that will add to your beautiful looking house a homey scent.


With those simple tips you can change your bare cold rental to a warm & welcoming home. When I design rental homes for my clients I go for items that can easily find another home such as multi purpose furniture pieces or petite items that can fit any space. Considering that this is a rental, most clients leave to another one in 2-6 years, thus, I make sure that main items if not most of them are timeless, multi purpose and easy to re-use after moving. Contact  us today to help you make your rental feel more like home.


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