5 Design Trends for 2017
November 16, 2016

 Fact: Its no wonder that year 2016 is almost over, as nowadays everything moves forward at a speed of light. Another Fact: With all the technology we have we can now predict upcoming trends & styles of of the following year ‘2017’ before it even starts. Check out our trend prediction of the upcoming year:

1. Old is New again

Vintage will come back with its original identity; with minor to none repainting, reupholstering or refurbishing. It is a statement with its entire vintage worn out features as close as it could be to the original state.


Source: The Wheat House: Before and After the Restoration Hardware Catalogue

2. Black steel & Mixed metals growing along with Copper & Rose Gold

Will Copper & Rose gold go out by 2017?? Some predict that it will go out by midyear and get replaced with a different exciting trend that brings in Black steels and Mixed Metals into play. However, our design experts believe that Rose Gold will carry on in 2017, but with a color palette that ties those lux/shiny colors back to nature, in other words, the palette will be lifted from gardens, deserts and outdoors; and it will be mixed with other metals.

Source: TB

3. Utility Materials

In 2017 we will notice a shift from pretty materials to pretty-beneficial ones. Cork and White-Plaster will dominate this trend as we predict it. We have seen white plaster in light fixtures and new furniture pieces. It is used for its durability and organic–ability to form about anything. Cork will be big as well, not only for its stylish look, but also for being multi-useful, sustainable, and durable. Cork can be used as coffee table tops, and as multi-functional clad walls in home offices or even as flooring in different rooms.


Source: IX Atelier’s office by InkMason and Xin project, Beijing

4. Escapism & Maximum space Usage

Technology is everywhere, I bit there isn’t one room in a house that doesn’t have it!! And with this never ending shift through applications, devices and technological attractions comes a call to escape from the digital noise to reality & nature. In other words the ever increasing digital world; will raise the need for escape & the desire to create quite rooms called: Quite Haven.

This trend will be accompanied with maximum space usage, in other words, those quite haven spaces will be created in neglected nooks and small spaces to maximize the space usage. Those sections of the house will be furnished with floor cushions and love-seats, and they are rather created next to a window or a doorway to a garden.


Source: image from Elle Decoration, photography by Petra Bindel

5. Earthy Pastel Hues (Dark Grey & Grass Green) 

Emerald interior (Green) will come to life this upcoming year along with dark grey’s and timber wood furniture. This unique and new color, will come in different shapes and on different pieces of furniture. It will definitely work with  antique/vintage look and with the mixed metals.


Source: http://www.dgrinteriordesigns.com/emerald-green-interior-design/

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