We deliver Luxurious and Innovative Home design. From a small room makeover job, to a full renovation or newly built projects our team specialize in making the design and experience as fun, innovative and unique as possible.


Our Corporate Commercial practice strategically help Organizations and retailers deliver environments that promote health, well being, work and performance.


A simple, virtual design option that suits any budget, style and space. This service is an alternative option for the traditional interior design, which allow clients to work with us from any where, at anytime.



“Everyone deserves a professional design advice”

Suzinteriors can help make minor or major design decisions by offering 3 types of on-site consultation:

Color/Furniture Consultation: 1 hour color & styling consultation for DIY projects
Design Consultation: 2 hour design, planning & color consultation towards DIY projects
Initial Consultation Package: 2 meetings towards conceptual design package for DIY or Suzinteriors client projects

Project Planning

“Successful projects are results of successful planning”

Suzinteriors offers planning services from space selection to concept development to ensure that your project starts off the right direction. Some of our space-planning services are: Concept development, prototype development, branding development, signage, space planning, feasibility planning, and schedule & budget development

Interior Design

“The concept is not complete until you start seeing how it’s going to look like”

This service or phase of design focuses on using technical programs and techniques to develop drawings, 3D renderings, and efficient space plans. This is the fun part of the project where we get to see how the space will look like and how can we make it work. Some of the services included in this phase are: Site analysis, site verification, material selection, 3D rendering, specifications, detailed drawings, construction drawings, millwork, fixture design, building permits & management

Interior Architecture

“Beautiful architectures inspire beautiful interiors”

Working with architects, contractors or home builders towards designing newly built commercial or residential interiors to accommodate human occupancy & interaction. Whether you are a newly built home owner, an architect, or a builder, Suzinteriors can help you through your interior project stages of: Space Planning, Conceptualizing, Cost Estimating, Code Review, Construction Drawings, Project Management, Project Coordination & much more.

Signature Renovations & Room makeover

“Get the best out of your space & bring it back to life”

Renovating existing commercial or residential spaces to accommodate new business, corporate office or home owners. Suzinteriors expands its service of renovations through different sectors, providing complete design service of: Site Analysis, Drawings, contractors, FF&E specifications & much more. Even when its only a one room make over project Suzinteriors comes up with new & fresh remodeling ideas to bring it back to life

“Only when accompanied with decor the project becomes a whole”

Home Styling:

Decorating & accessorizing your space with fine details & unique pieces of furniture & accessories to compliment the interior design and pull its elements together.


Whether you are a realtor or a home owner who is looking for better home sale, Suzinteriors can help you decorate & stylize your property into a buyer’s must have. Regardless of your budget or timeline, we will develop a home staging plan using lifestyle marketing techniques to increase your home value & attract buyers.

Project Management:

“Project management is a key to a well executed job”

Between concept and completion there are a lot of critical phases in design. At Suzinteriors we offer project management services to help throughout pre-construction up until execution and installation of the job; working our way with multiple contractors and coordinating with different teams to ensure the delivery of the intended objective.

“Everyone deserves beautifully designed interiors at affordable costs”

Suzinteriors offers worldwide online affordable professional interior design services. Regardless of your location, budget, or timeline we worked hard to create an online design shop that provides you with a master design package. Similar to what you would hope to achieve through traditional design services for a fraction of the cost. E-Suzinteriors is different from any other E- design services as we have compiled & created a complete website to make your experience as friendly as possible.

We are working hard on launching our E-Suzinteriors website. Meanwhile, we are still offering E-interior design (Virtual design) services virtually by email inquiry to:

“Just like a room with no walls is design with no furniture”

Suzinteriors offers a wide range of bespoke and readymade furniture, art and accessories. As part of our design process we provide an exceptional selection of furniture items for your interior project. We also do pricing lists and budgeting to furnish a home or an office. We offer furniture supply chain management, & purchase ordering services to put your shopping experience at ease.

Suzinteriors will be launching an online shopping store for your next furniture purchase accompanied with the E-Suzinteriors services



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“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Suzan Mraiheen. Suzan is the most honest and hardworking interior architect that I ever worked with. I highly recommend her talents. We worked on several projects together as I was renovating my house from top to bottom and she has the wonderful ability to understand the goals and expectations of her clients and deliver a product which is unique to each individual. She was very professional and pays attention to detail. She worked with me on a major bathroom renovation, in which she takes the time to sketch out her vision and transform it into a reality. She helped me choose the color scheme and avoid making any mistakes when picking out the right materials from the most durable tile to use to the best plumbing fixtures. She has a positive attitude with all the tools of knowledge and experience, making her a pleasure to work with”

-Dr. Nadia Al-Aasm, D.D.S

"I had Suzan design a laundry room for me. We had gone over the basic ideas and some of my requirements. The final design was exactly what I had envisioned. Suzan presented a very detailed plan for our future laundry room. The plan was very detailed and she had suggested ideas that I did not think about. She is very pleasant and works in a timely manner. I highly recommend Suzan's design services for your design needs."

-Anne Dennahower

"I have a very hard taste; I struggle whenever I am selecting material or a piece of furniture. It takes me a long time to make a design decision, and I am always hesitant to implement it. Therefore, I hired Suzinteriors to help me through my condo renovations. The renovation job was very challenging due to the small condo space & the open concept. I asked her for modern and spacious concept, clean and crisp design, functional and easy to circulate home. When Suzan came into the job, she took the lead; she patiently listened and understood my lifestyle. Suzan helped me narrow down my ideas, and make decisions. She was very patient and creative through the whole process. She has gone above and beyond to bring our vision to life. We absolutely recommend Suzinteriors for your next project. "

-Sanaa Abu Zahra